OUTWORDS travels America recording the life stories of LGBTQ+ pioneers and elders, both famous and unsung. Explore some of their full-length interviews below, or check out our complete list.

Full-Length Interviews all subjects
Mandy Carter Durham, NC
Anne Charles and Linda Quinlan Montpelier, VT
Elia Chino Houston, TX
Tori Cooper College Park, GA
Jennifer Crossen Lawrenceburg, KY
Rabbi Denise Eger Sherman Oaks, CA
Chris Freeman and Jon Ginoli Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA
Kenny Fries Berlin, Germany
Cassandra Grant Brooklyn, NY
Shirley Greenes Lake Forest, CA
Michela Griffo New York, NY
John Grigsby and Jim Vegher Portland, OR
Mike Grossman Dallas, TX
Kim Grubbs Lauderdale, MS
Renee Imperato New York City, NY
Eddie Orozco Miami, FL
Torie Osborn Santa Monica, CA
Betsy Parsons Portand, ME
Jude Patton Yuba City, CA
Shanna Peeples Amarillo, TX
Steve Pieters Los Angeles, CA
Barbara Poma Orlando, FL