"Music and Queer Healing" Webinar

published on Aug 17, 2020 "Music and Queer Healing" Webinar thumbnail
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Dear OUTWORDS friends,

This Thursday, we are hosting a webinar panel discussion on the evolution of music in the LGBTQ+ community.

"Music And Queer Healing"
Thursday, August 20
5pm Pacific Time
Register for the event here: bit.ly/lgbtqmusic

DJ Skype Williams, Chris Freeman of Pansy Division, and OUTWORDS interviewee and drag queen Donna Sachet will join us for a Q&A panel moderated by Axel Rivera-De Leon.

Our community is one of lovers, fighters, and creators, and the music in our culture certainly reflects that. From headbanging to sashaying, come learn about how music has backed our fight and supported our love for decades.

We hope to see you there! The event is free and open to the public and requires registration on Zoom.

Warm regards,
Mason Funk,
Executive Director, OUTWORDS