"No One Left Behind" Webinar

published on Aug 6, 2021 "No One Left Behind" Webinar thumbnail
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Hi OUTWORDS friends,

Our next online event is coming up! Join us this coming Monday, August 9, at 5pm Pacific Time (8pm Eastern) for:

Leave No One Behind:
2SLGBTQ+ Reflections on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Monday, August 9, 20215pm PT/8pm ET

Event is free and open to the public; register at: bit.ly/leavenoone

Panelists include OUTWORDS interviewees Crisosto Apache, Marcus Arana, and Sharon Day. The conversation will be moderated by drag queen and activist Landa Lakes.

More on this day from the United Nations: "There are over 476 million indigenous peoples living in 90 countries across the world, accounting for 6.2 per cent of the global population. Indigenous peoples are the holders of a vast diversity of unique cultures, traditions, languages and knowledge systems...
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated many existing inequalities, disproportionately affecting populations all over the world that were already suffering from poverty, illness, discrimination, institutional instability or financial insecurity. From the perspective of indigenous peoples, the contrast is even starker. In many of our societies, the social contract, at the very least, needs some revision.

This August 9, International Day of Indigenous Peoples, we must demand indigenous peoples’ inclusion, participation and approval in the constitution of a system with social and economic benefits for all."

See you there,

Mason Funk,
Executive Director, OUTWORDS